E’Dawn Speaks Up For The First Time To Fans Through A Lengthy Post To Pentagon’s Fan Cafe

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E’Dawn Posts A Message Apologizing Over And Over To Fans For His Dating News With Hyuna

For the first time following the huge backlash received from the dating news, E’Dawn finally opens up in a letter to fans thanking them and apologizing.

On September 7, he posted a lengthy post to Pentagon’s official fan café.

He said,

“Hello everyone, this is E’Dawn.

I am so sorry that this message is so sudden and so late.

I was truly excited to meet fans at the fan club inauguration ceremony back in August along with the members that we prepared eagerly with a grateful heart. I wanted to attend and address you directly but I wasn’t able to do so.

Before this happened, I talked to my members about the possible choices and decided whether it would be right or wrong. Before that decision, I was afraid and worried. I thought I should be honest with you than hide behind bigger lies and I wanted to stand confidently before you.

I am so sorry to the fans because I have suddenly disappeared, I wanted to perform with confidence and show you my sincerity. I don’t know if its too late but I wanted to share a little bit of what I have been thinking about with fans who would have otherwise waited continuously for news with a worried heart.

I wanted to keep my promise that I would meet with my fans and give them an honest performance, but I was unable to keep it during the last promotion.

Still, I was able to promote with my members and perform the music we worked so hard on. I will not be actively promoting together with them this time but I will cheer the fan and the members for the album they worked so hard on.

One month seemed like a long time to me. At first, I expected a lot of people would hate me or feel hurt. I thought about a lot of things during that time.

I am sad that this is the only way I can express my sincerity to all of you.I don’t know when I will meet you again next time, but I will praying that you all do well and good things happen to all of you in the future. I will be fine.

I am so sorry and thank you. I will often write to you if anything new happens and there is a chance.”

E’Dawn has taken a temporary indefinite hiatus along with member YanAn. It was then announced the group would be making a comeback as 8 members.

E’Dawn received huge backlash for dating HyunA since the news came out last month, this is the first time he publicly spoke up about the dating news.

How do you feel about his letter to fans? do you think it was necessary?

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My Thoughts

His message scared me! It almost feels like a goodbye letter, if he hadn’t written the last two lines I would’ve seriously believed he was leaving for ever.

Its pathetic that he has to apologize for being in love, but I can’t say I didn’t expect him to write that sooner or later. Those fans wanted that apology they wanted to see him regret it so badly… its pathetic but it is where we are right now.

I don’t expect netizens will show the best of reactions. We, international fans, will probably always support him and stand up for him but since it’s a Korean group and he’s Korean there is only so much we can do…

I wish him all the best and wish that the backlash doesn’t affect his relationship with HyunA, although I doubt it wouldn’t. I think no one anticipated the backlash and entitled fans didn’t like that the two were coupled together in a group as if they were ‘showing off’ in front of everyone.

I believe it was a bad idea to reveal the relationship as I have said before and even a worse idea that Cube thought it would be a good idea to create Triple H when they know well how crazy netizens can be.

Its like Cube was toying around with fire; I doubt we would ever see another release by Triple H. I loved the sub unit and I listen to them often but I know that Korean fans can be hella scary so if I were the CEO, I would never group a boyfriend and a girlfriend together because that would be just stupid, its like I’m asking for trouble!

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    hi im lujill e dawn fan i hope you will like pentagon guys they are so handsome but i like e dawn the most handsome of all

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