Seems like things aren’t over yet when it comes to HyunA and Pentagon’s E’Dawn dating news, problems have risen after national fans posted to the official group fancafe asking for E’Dawn to be removed from the group.

National fans posted various comments about the dating news and how it ‘affected’ them ‘mentally’ and ‘financially,’ the dating news was sudden and fans didn’t like how E’Dawn reacted and addressed his fans Universe (Pentagon’s fandom name).

Fans are requesting an official feedback from Cube Entertainment and Kim Hyo Jong (E’Dawn’s real name), they posted to the group’s official fan café with the same title demanding an explanation, each fan addressing the issue differently.

Some fans believe they were misled because to HyunA and Pentagon’s E’Dawn were dating for so long. Fans touched on the upcoming official first opening ceremony for the fandom which is scheduled to take place in Mid-August.

Some are asking Cube Entertainment whether a cancellation will happen like what happened with Triple H’s fan signing event, some are even asking for a refund as they were thinking of canceling their tickets.

Some even went ahead and asked for him to be removed from his group citing ‘deceiving team and members’ as an excuse, some fans were requesting something that proves E’Dawn received consent from all the members of Pentagon before he decided to go public with his relationship.

Some fans are also not happy with the way he’s addressed the dating news, HyunA posted to her Instagram thanking and apologizing to fans while E’Dawn didn’t write anything whether it be on the official fan café or any other place, some fans believe that he’s not even willing to confront and communicate properly with them.

A couple of screenshots of Korean fans explaining themselves to international fans are being shared around. The Korean fans are trying to explain why they’re being like and what they’re thinking and why.

They’re saying that they’re not angry he’s dating but are upset by how he’s handled it, they asked ‘do we even exist?’ since he didn’t even post anything about the dating news to his fans.

They’re also citing that they’re upset about why Triple H was made to begin with and are attributing it to the relationship of them both, they’re saying and I quote

“How they failed in keeping their private and public life separate.”

On the other hand, International fans still don’t like whats going on and how it might end up affecting the group as a whole, international fans still want Pentagon to go on as 10.

What do you think of this?