The Complete List Of 2017 MAMA Winners In Hong Kong

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The last of MAMA 2017 is here!

The most anticipated music awards show in 2017 is finally over.

The stars have graced the red carpet and lit performances have been delivered. Awards were distributed to some Of South Korea’s best musical acts.

Here are the Winners of 2017 Mnet Asian Music Awards.

Best Hip Hop and Urban Music


My Reaction: The fierce Heize has won another award~ she earned it! Her tracks are amazing!

Best Music Video

BTS’s “Spring Day

Best Band Performance


MY Reaction: I really really wanted DAY6 to win the award… they worked so damn hard this year.

More than 12 amazing songs and a full album, out of all JYP artists they released the most number of songs, Hyukoh is good don’t get me wrong but why? please someone give my babies Day6 an award 🙁

Style in Music


Best Collaboration

Dynamic Duo X Chen

My Reaction: I don’t it was this year’s best collaboration track… but congrats to Chen, glad he’s getting more recognition.

Best Producer Of The Year



Best Vocal Performance Group



Best Solo Dance Performance


My Reaction: Taemin oppa earned it! congrats love! You always kill it on stage~

New Asian Artist

NCT 127

Best Female Group

Red Velvet

My Reaction: Wow!

The new generation is taking over ya’ll!

BlackPink fans were not that happy either. I don’t follow Red Velvet, but congrats to the girls. I don’t think they deserved it! But okay~

Best Asian Style


My Reaction: EXO fans were making a big deal out of this award.

According to online Twitter votes, EXO led the poll but BTS ended up winning what was supposed to be an online poll winning award, this is as a far as I know!

No hate towards BTS, but why give BTS the award when its only an online voting poll and the winner of it was EXO?

Best Vocal Performance Female Solo

Heize’s “You, Clouds, Rain”

My Reaction: She is a good performer, congrats to her!

Best OST


My Reaction: A lot of people are not happy about this, but as a kdrama fan before a kpop fan. I kinda knew that this was the OST that would get best OST award.


It topped charts and didn’t even budge, it stayed for so long and broke so many records, so of course this was going to happen. This doesn’t mean that Chanyeol’s OST sucked ya’ll, calm down!

World Performer


My Reaction: I am just glad GOT7 finally won something in MAMA. Hope that next year they’ll win even bigger awards!

Best Asian Artist Mandarin

Karen Mok

Best Male Group

Wanna One

My Reaction: Wow! Can a rookie boy group who just debuted this year win this award? Omg! This is probably this year’s biggest shock.

But then of course Mnet was going to give the group they created a huge award! I am just shocked that they won this award! Shouldn’t it go to another older group?

It hasn’t even been long enough, they debuted a while ago… Its not that they suck but its that I thought this award was of higher standards!! What the hell Mnet?

Artist Of The Year


My Reaction: congrats to BTS of winning one of the night’s biggest award~

Album Of The Year


My Reaction: Well…. I was about to cry when the boys cried… They earned it, god bless them <3

My Overall Reaction to this year’s MAMA

I thought 2016 was messy, but boy did 2017 surpass it!

This year was so freaking messy! Whats up with holding an award show in three countries? Why? Why the entire hassle?

I guess its because of money, they spend more but end up earning more. The fact that the award show was dragged on for so long and held in too many places was the thing that annoyed me the most.

Some of this year’s awards winners didn’t necessary deserve it, yet this doesn’t mean that they had to be bashed by other group’s fandoms.

Each year debates and fan wars grow bigger, this year was exceptionally bad, fans couldn’t stop fighting!

Those who won, have won and those who lost, have lost. Let the winners and the losers be… there is no point of dragging this on…

Just because your fav didn’t win doesn’t mean they suck or that they are below the winner. I just hope that people can see past that and appreciate each group’s talent.

How about you guys? How do you feel about MAMA 2017? Do you think those who won the awards deserved it?

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  1. jennie December 2, 2017 4:07 am at 4:07 am - Reply

    You’re not being objective and it’s so obvious that you’re being salty with other groups

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