The biggest couple of the year has already been revealed!

A couple of hours ago, various news outlets reported that the two actors have been dating for a year. They both study at Chung Ang University, and have developed from close friends to lovers.

At first, the source said that the two enjoy dates around Park Shin Hye place, they also usually hang out around their acquaintances. According to the sources, Choi Tae Joon friends knew they were dating.

Last year, the couple were involved in dating rumors, they have denied them fully, both agencies explained that they were only close friends, the sources revealed that back then they had denied it for personal reasons.

But this time is different! A couple of hours later, they returned with statements confirming their relationship.

Choi Tae Joon’s agency said,

“They have developed from a close friends’ relationship to a real once last year.”

While Park Shin Hye’s label said,

“After confirming with Park Shin Hye, it turns out that she is indeed dating Choi Tae Joon. The two have been friends before turning into lovers last year. We would be grateful if you could look upon the couple who only started dating recently fondly.”

The news shook the Kdrama community, as there have been people who were very curious about Park Shin Hye’s probable boyfriend.

Congratulations to the happy couple!

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My Thoughts



Finally ori unnie is dating! I can’t believe its Choi Tae Joon, I am so shocked right now!

Tae Joon oppa is actually one year younger, I just can’t believe this, he won the heart of the golden Shin Hye~ omgmgmgmgmgmg I am so excited!

At first when the news spread last year, I was defending their friendship since we all know she has many male friends. We also all have shipped her with many of her co-stars, she just has great chemistry with them all.

I am happy for the couple but still in utter shock that they even confirmed it! Lets support them guys! The biggest couple of this year~