Cube Entertainment Backpedals, Say HyunA And E’Dawn Haven’t Left The Agency

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Today has been a wild ride for everyone and no one is getting off this roller-coaster ride just yet.

On September 13, Cube Entertainment released a shocking statement stating they are kicking out both HyunA and E’Dawn citing ‘broken trust’ as the reason.

Just an hour ago the agency returned with yet another statement, this time they are retracting their old statement and releasing a new one, they said,

“We are simply negotiating with HyunA and E’Dawn leaving the label, but it’s not been confirmed yet. It’s a matter that should be discussed carefully with the artists opinions in mind as its also important. The withdrawal has not been decided yet.”

Fans are extremely confused after the second statement especially since it contradicts the first one so badly. It seemed like Cube Entertainment had already decided what they wanted.

Stay tuned for updates!

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My Thoughts

What mess is this? I can’t believe this is happening. I was so shocked when I heard the news and was busy cursing at Cube for their poor decisions.

Even the statement they released was so unprofessional and degrading as if it was meant to humiliate them. The wording of the statement is not something you see a lot of agencies would write after an artist is kicked/left.

Usually, the statement wishes them the best and such even if it’s a lie but still, it shows professionalism. After all HyunA gave them… this is how they treated her.

I don’t doubt not for one minute that this isn’t just about the dating news, remember, HyunA and her boyfriend announced it to the media THEMSELVES after Cube had denied it.

This makes Cube look especially bad and incompetent, they couldn’t handle their artists and they couldn’t even relay the news themselves. HyunA no doubt should have announced it through her agency, not on her own, that was a poor decision from her side.

We don’t know what went on behind closed doors, regardless, this doesn’t mean that this is how she deserved to be treated by Cube, she is the artist that brings them the most money and she is basically a veteran in her own right.

I honestly don’t want HyunA to get back to the agency, not after the way she was treated if she stayed I’d be both shocked and disappointed in her with all honesty. She deserves better.

However, I wish E’Dawn would stay…. He is still a rookie and only getting popular, he can’t stand on his own yet and establish his own career, I think he is wayyy stronger as part of Pentagon. Besides, who will write most of their songs if he left?

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  1. Aisha Aminu September 13, 2018 4:47 pm at 4:47 pm - Reply

    In my opinion they shouldn’t be kicked out… especially for PENTAGONs sake… E’Dawn debut was in 2016 … it’s early for him they need to stop being selfish and think how their decisions can affect others…. sure they have the right to be angry at the fact E’Dawn and HyunA kept their relationship a secret but kicking them out is too extreme… I say Let them Stay and Stay together… fact cube agency should think on capitalizing on their relationship…. they’re HOT couple… the korean Harly Queen and Joker their international fans will love it… I know I do
    E’Dawn Oppa and HyunA Noona fighting!!!
    All the best PENTAGON!!!
    Be forgiving and be smart CUBE!!!!

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