HyunA And E’Dawn Found Out They Were Kicked Out Through The Media

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And the shocking news continues! It has been revealed that HyunA and E’Dawn found out they were kicked out of their group through the news just like everybody else.

The couple wasn’t informed of the news beforehand just like you’d normally expect, they found out when they saw the news and articles written about them.

Ilgan Sports reported that an insider personally revealed that they didn’t know and they were shocked when they found out through the media.

Earlier today, fans were shocked when Cube Entertainment announced they would be kicking out HyunA and E’Dawn from the agency citing ‘broken trust’ as the reason, later they announced that they have not been kicked out and that they are still discussing with them.

This messy situation has fans wondering what really went on behind the scene and why has the agency announced the statement in such a format and not even let their artist know.

HyunA is one of the biggest Kpop soloists in South Korea, she is also one of the artists that bring the most money for them, it shocking that she was treated that way and it’s also shocking that E’Dawn also found out like that.

Its also reported that Pentagon members knew of it also through media news, the boys recently made their comeback as 8 members and are currently promoting their most recent release.

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My Thoughts

That’s just a new low of Cube if what the source’s saying is true.

This is how they treated their best soloist after all the money she helped them earn…. and you know what’s even sadder? The fact that E’Dawn is lost between all those fights and everything that will take place in the future; he is still more or less a rookie that hasn’t even made a name for himself in the industry.

Cube shouldn’t have tried to kick out HyunA that just put them in a very bad place in front of the agency supporters and HyunA’s fans… how could they bite the hand that feeds them?

The fact that they backpedaled makes sense if HyunA didn’t even know that. I doubt an agency can just kick out an artist like that without a very good reason, broken trust in the eyes of law doesn’t hold up, there needs to be tangible evidence that HyunA broke a contract clause or something and if that was the case Cube could’ve easily said so in their statement and not have to retract it.

It’s the same thing if you were an artist or chemical engineer or a teacher or whatever, a company can’t just kick you out like that. Of course, the labor laws differ from one country to the other but I believe in all countries it’s not okay to kick someone out of a company without a valid reason or a series of warnings given to that artist….

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