Lee Jong Suk Blames YG’s Bad Communication Skill For Delayed Fanmeet

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Looks like Lee Jong Suk isn’t too happy with YG Entertainment at the moment!

The actor took to Instagram to share his frustration with his new agency.

The actor wrote to Instagram saying,

“Because I think many of my fans are eagerly waiting for a fanmeet I will explain shorty.. we were making plans for the fanmeet. Each of YG’s team have a lot of pride and self-esteem, so communication doesn’t work out well. Due to the difference of opinions between the performance team and the contents of the events, we had to hire direction from outside of the company.

Which ate up a lot of time, therefore we might even need to postpone the fanmeet to next year. I am sorry for making you wait. I will announce it as soon as possible!”

The actor has signed an exclusive contract with YG back on May 10, 2016 after leaving his previous agency.

What do you think of this issue?

*A former version of this article falsely stated that it was the first time he had planned a fanmeet with YG*

My Thoughts

Welcome to YG Jong Suk oppa!

This is YG ya’ll, the agency that takes up more than it handle and fails to coordinate accordingly.

YG is already having trouble managing its singers, why the hell is he adding actors to his agency?

I like the balls Jong Suk has for posting his frustration to the internet. Such a good strike, I think YG didn’t see that one coming. He cares about his fans and he wanted to give them a fanmeet before he enlists, but they’re too cocky to work out misunderstandings with others.

I just now have double the respect I had for him. Many YG artists talk about how they feel like their agency is neglecting them and now Jong Suk joins the list of pissed off YG artists.

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