“While You Were Asleep” Maintain The Top Spot, “Mad Dog” Premieres With Good Ratings

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The battle of the top Wednesday-Thursday drama has just got heated.

The 3 major networks dramas fought for the title of the highest rated drama airing at 10:00 p.m.

SBS’s “While You Were Asleep” was the ultimate winner. According to Nielsen Korea, “While You Were Asleep” rated 8.1% and 9.4%.

MBC’s “Hospital Ship” rated 7.5% and 9.3%, it has picked up in the second half of its episode and only came 0.1% short of the highest rated drama for its second half.

Meanwhile, the new KBS2 drama “Mad Dog” premiered with good ratings, it rated 5.5% for its first episode. It took over the spot previously occupied by “Manhole” who rated 1.8% for its last episode.

Which drama are you rooting for?

Which drama do you think deserved first place?

My Thoughts

I am just so happy that “Mad Dog” is doing better than I had expected it to do.

The drama took over “Manhole” time slot and we all know how that went. The drama “Mad Dog” plot and actors are pros and I like it so far. I have only watched a portion of the episode but I am hooked.

“While You Were Asleep” took the first spot by 0.1% in the second half which is not what I expected. I thought the drama would rate a lot higher than it actually did.

It kinds shocking that “Hospital Ship” is putting up a good fight with its contender even when they’re THE Suzy and Lee Jong Suk. In my opinion, “Hospital Ship” is nowhere near as interesting as “While You Were Asleep” is, but I do know that Koreans have different taste in dramas.

I am praying for “Mad Dog,” I hope it rates higher with today’s episode.

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