Gdragon Confirms Enlistment Date And Its Closer Than You Think

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Time To Say Goodbye To Gdragon, YG Entertainment Announces His Military Enlistment Date

Time to say goodbye to the king of Kpop for the next two years, the idol has received his draft notice.

On February 14, YG Entertainment released a statement,

“Its true he received his draft notice. The BIGBANG members have been always thinking about enlisting as soon as they received their draft notice. Gdragon is enlisting as an active-duty soldier on February 27.

He plans on enlisting quietly without a farewell in order to prevent any chaos at the scene on that day. He will faithfully fulfill his military enlistment service.”

Gdragon has previously talked about his pending military enlistment and expressed how he felt about it during BIGBANG’s end-year concert last year, he said,

“As the spring comes, we hope that everyone will be healthy and won’t be unhappy until then, and we will be able to meet you soon. The five big bang members will always wish you stay happy, which is the source of our strength. If you wait for us to be reunited again, day by day, I think that day will come soon, because our love won’t change.”

We will miss you Gdragon!

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My Thoughts

Why is it so close? GOD!

We will wait for you oppa and will have to go on without your Instagram posts and fashion shows appearances for the next two years. I mean we’re used to waiting two years for his music but going on without seeing him for two years is hard! ☹

I just wish that people and fans will respect his privacy and won’t cause much disturbance at the enlistment location. People will be very bothered if they cause a scene!

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