“Hospital Ship” aired its 5th and 6th episode on Wednesday, following the very triggering axe scene of Ha Ji Won’s character, fans tuned in to see why she would cut the worker injured hand.

According to Nielsen Korea, the 5th episode rated 10.3% while the 6th episode rated 11.8% which is higher than its last week episode ratings. While “Reunited Worlds” rated 5.1% and 6.6%, “Manhole” rates last again with 2.2%.

The drama suffered form an unexpected 5 minutes broadcasting accident while broadcasting its 5th episode, commercials continued to be played instead of the drama for about 5 minutes.

And while the 6th episode was late, another thing aired instead of the episode, later the 6th episode aired, and MBC released a statement apologizing for the mistake and stated that it happened due to the ongoing strike.

Due to the ongoing MBC employees strike, almost all MBC variety shows have been on hold and won’t return until the strike issue is resolved, this scares fans who don’t know what will happen with their favorite dramas including “Hospital Ship”.

Ratings source: Nielsen Korea

My Thoughts

I have watched episode 5 and 6, I liked it and I liked the progression, but I am afraid, right now there isn’t any drama I am particularly anticipating and this new drama seems promising.

MBC strike is live and serious; it started back on the 4th of September and has been going on for 4 days approx. MBC is losing shit ton of money and time, the longer they stall this, the more dramas will be affected.

From various Korean sources, it was reported that “Hospital Ship” had to hire external editors to complete the episode editing because of the lack of employees who used to do the job.

The upcoming MBC drama “20th century boy and girl” shooting has been put on hold because of this issue, the drama is supposed to air late September, now we don’t know if it’ll manage to air in September.

Thank God, episode 7 and 8 of “Hospital Ship” came out and I just finished watching them, I was scared they were gonna cancel it due to the editing issues, I don’t know about the shooting of “Hospital Ship”, and whether they hired an external production team or not, so we still don’t know what will happen with it.

Lets just cross our fingers and hope that “Hospital Ship” airs next week, I fear the worst but I am praying it won’t be as bad as I think it’ll get the longer the strike continues.