Gary is a father!

The variety show star has welcomed his first child into the world.

On November 17, Gary posted to his Instagram account with a picture of his son’s feet, he captured the photo,

“Gary Junior.”

Through his Chinese account he revealed that the gender of the child is a boy.

Gary has previously announced his sudden marriage to his non-celebrity girlfriend back in April, 7 months later he announces the birth of their first child together.


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My Thoughts

I can finally understand, why he was so protective of this entire thing, the way he exited and the way he carries himself.

If he was an idol and wanted to protect his girlfriend/wife I would understand, but he’s a lot older and its not Koreans were going to throw hate towards his way when he announced that.

Yes, I understand he’s famous, this might be why he’s been overly protective and out of the spotlight for while.

All the best to him and his wife, and congrats on the child’s birth.